Climb Power-Endurance (RiNo)

Maximize endurance. In this six-week series, you will learn climbing-specific mechanics, build endurance, develop better body-awareness, perform corrective exercises, and use training tools like the campus board, finger board, and moon board. Experienced coaches will help you make decisions about training based on body-awareness and how much training you, as an individual, can handle. Increasing endurance will help you gain confidence and have a lot more fun on the wall!


Climbers will be able to:
– Learn the principles of climbing-specific endurance training
– Develop better body awareness and technical ability
– Assess strengths and weaknesses
– Practice corrective exercises for injury prevention


Weekly Schedule: 
Day 1: Assessment
Day 2: Proper warmups, technique, and body-awareness
Day 3: Video recordings on ropes or bouldering
Day 4: Lecture about strength training
Day 5: More climbing, video recordings, and one-on-one time
Day 6: Options depend on the needs of the class

To Register:

Space is limited. To register please stop by our front desk or email us for more information. 48-hour cancellation policy.