Climb Zen (RiNo)

Climbing as a State of Mind

Refine your climbing experience using yogic principles. The Climb Zen way is about presence, a full focus on every movement, and much more sensing and feeling. In the yoga studio, enjoy inspiring guided meditations, breathwork, basic yoga postures, and self-care to prevent injuries and expedite recovery. On the wall, participants will refine their climbing technique to become more fluid and precise. Movement’s experienced coaches will assess individuals and offer helpful tips for becoming a stronger climber —both physically and mentally. Here you will learn mental skills to manage fear and anxiety, visualize goals, and maintain concentration to transform your climbing into a moving meditation.

About the Instructor:
Andrew has climbing, mountaineering, and extreme sports experience. As a yoga teacher, he helps students find steadiness and grounding in their favorite active pursuits. Nathan has competed in IFSC Sport Climbing competitions around the world. He leads clinics that focus on climbing technique and maximizing efficiency on the wall.

Some experience with yoga and climbing.

To Register:

Visit the Front Desk or email rino@movementgyms.com Space is limited to 14 participants.