Team Movement (RiNo)

Welcome to Movement’s Youth Climbing Team!

Team Movement uses climbing as a method of youth development. Team members learn to support and trust each other and their coaches. Coaches inspire the team to be self-motivated and work hard to accomplish their goals. We ask for full dedication to the team and to the sport of rock climbing. The program is structured around the core values of safety, youth development, community, motivation, and commitment.

The program is broken into four teams separated by age and experience. Motivation and commitment play a large role in making progress.


Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. That’s why we focus on safety, first and foremost. Safety skills are practiced until mastered before moving on to the next level.

Climbing is simultaneously a lifelong recreational activity and a way for children to learn more about themselves. Movement provides opportunities for team members to recognize what climbing means to them. Our coaches use activities to help teammates build trust, appreciation for community, and respect for the environment. We promote a positive attitude, team mentality, compassion, and caring. These qualities are determining factors in who moves up in the program. This way, by the time team members make it to our most advanced team, they will have cultivated enough strength in community, and in their own character, to focus on advanced training and competitive climbing.

Community gives young athletes a way to connect with others who share their passions. Furthermore, Movement team members learn to respect and give back to the environment and others. Being on the team is about being part of something greater and representing the rock climbing community with honor.

Motivation is the key to improvement on Team Movement. While coaches can instruct and inspire, ultimately athletes must find motivation for, and joy within, the process. The motivation to improve is a powerful tool for transforming “failures” into learning opportunities. We offer “challenges by choice” where it is up to team members to embrace the challenge. In this way, athletes are empowered to grow at their own pace.

With commitment, the Team Movement program delivers powerful results. Trusting that each challenge brings growth is the key to success with personal projects and competition. Regularly, team members do what they thought was impossible! Those individuals who commit to our program fully will benefit the most