Movement offers world-class route setting! We are home to the highest number of certified setters in the country, some of which hold the highest level of certification in the world. Our routes are thoughtful and challenging at every grade. While our route setters are highly creative, they are also considerate of all ability levels, proportions, and style preferences. Whether one is looking to have fun with friends, climbing for exercise, training for outdoor climbing, or preparing for competition—we set routes that help you make progress toward your goals.



Ryan Sewell ("RC Sewell")

El Cap Director of Routesetting, Central Region

Ryan has been climbing for over a decade and working as a route setter for nearly as long. He has traveled all over the world but is proud to call Boulder his home. As one of Movement’s first setters, he has set hundreds of routes and problems and doesn’t plan slowing down anytime soon. As a Level 5 USAC Route setter, Ryan brings a competition feel to his setting and finds the complexity and fluid nature of climbing to be the foundation of his style.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

Setting style:
A combination of thought, balance and complete awareness of the present.


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Rylan Marshall ("Rooster")

Head Routesetter

As USA Climbing National Routesetter, Rylan has roamed far and wide setting a variety of competitions, including both Youth and Open National Championships. With an eye for detail and a penchant for chaos, his climbs possess an element of organized entropy that challenges climbers in the corporeal and cerebral realms and may take a try or two to decipher. Rylan is also fond of animals of all types, baseball, and the quiet places between trees.

Quote: “The only journey is the one within.” — Rilke

Setting Style: Slinky

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Jon Cardwell (“La Machine”)


Jon Cardwell has been climbing for nearly 20 years. In that time his experience has allowed him to explore many different disciplines of climbing all over the world, from competition to bouldering and sport climbing to big wall free climbing. His priority in the last few years has been sport climbing where he’s pursued many of the most famous routes in the world such as “Realization” and “La Rambla” both 5.15a in France and Spain. Closer to home he has climbed one of the hardest boulder problems in the state, just up the road in Boulder Canyon, “The Game” V15. In-between his pursuits of challenge on the rocks, Cardwell makes Boulder his home where he maintains a regular schedule at MCF as a route setter and lead coach of the competitive team. He enjoys creating not only challenging and fun climbs, but routes that will inspire you to improve. So, if on the first try its not working, hopefully it’s enjoyable enough that you will want to try again!

Quote: “Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself”

Setting style: Thought-provoking

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Bobby Moelter ("Boom Boom")


Bobby grew up climbing on the South side of Chicago with his brother Mike. He stepped away from the sport to pursue Soccer, as he was recruited and played four years of college ball. He reconnected with climbing when he moved back to Colorado while Movement was being built. He has been setting for two years and spent eight years helping with USA Climbing competitions. Bobby is also a Fitness Coach, and you will see him upstairs instructing classes and Personal Training.

Quote: “Make people happy, make people strong.”

Setting style: Thug life

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Nathan P. ("Rold Gold")


Nathan is the Head Coach of Team Movement, Movement’s youth climbing team, at Baker and RiNo. He started climbing in 2009, and has been fully invested in the sport ever since. He has competed as both a youth and open athlete in both bouldering and lead, and has competed internationally in IFSC Lead World Cups. He started setting back in 2013 in Durango and has continued to seek out new ways to grow as a setter. He is USA Climbing Level 1 certified, and has an IFSC World Climbing Commercial Routesetting Certification. For him setting is a shared expression of design. He believes that setting is more than creating something to look at, but something for others to interact with both physically and emotionally. When you climb his routes you should expect to experience something new that you may have never seen in climbing before. When he is not setting he enjoys hanging out with his dog, training for his own projects, and experimenting in the kitchen!

Setting style: Beta intensive resistantance and continuous shoulder tension.

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Duncan C. ("Yung Dunc")


Duncan works to set routes that are adventurous, thoughtful, and most of all, fun! He wants the routes he sets to put people in a situation where they express themselves through movement. He takes inspiration from outdoor crags near and far, and tries not to limit himself to discipline. Duncan is fortunate to work with a variety of experienced routesetters and tends to borrow ideas from indoor routes that he has enjoyed.  Duncan studied philosophy in school, and since he started setting he has taken an interest in learning more about aesthetics in many different arenas, and he tries to apply what he learns to what he sets. Duncan tries to provide options so people of all sizes can find their own solution. When Duncan is resting from climbing, he loves to bake and cook, listen to electronic music, play video games and chess, read philosophy and news, and take baths.

Quote: “We find our way by getting lost. Anything other than that is called reading a map.”

Setting style: Adventurous, thoughtful, and most of all, fun!

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Carolina C. ("Lil CC")


Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Carolina moved to Charlotte, NC at the age of 9 and lived there until she moved to Colorado in October of 2018. She began climbing in 2015 at Inner Peaks. Carolina quickly became obsessed with climbing and would find herself at the gym nearly everyday. She started to help forerun at her local gym and shortly after decided that setting was a career path she wanted to pursue. Given the opportunity, Carolina began setting in March of 2018 and never looked back. Carolina says setting has been the best career choice of her life. She is lucky to have a job she is psyched to go to everyday!

Quote: “If you fear losing, you can’t win.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Setting style: Resistance and tension, with emphasis on foot work
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Anne-Worley Moelter

CEO + Founder + Board of Directors, El Cap

Anne-Worley has been invested in and committed to the climbing and outdoor community for almost 20 years. She has worn various hats, from USA Climbing’s first Executive Director to serving on the board of the Access Fund and the International Federation of Sports Climbing, and was instrumental in bringing the first IFSC Bouldering World Cup to the US. She continues to push the bar in the industry through her work with MC+F, which offers daily inspiration to her from all types of awe-inspiring people. When not at work, she looks for life balance by spending time with her two children, finding quiet moments in yoga, and enjoying the beautiful Colorado sunshine!

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Mike Moelter

CSO + Founder + Director of Development, El Cap

Mike started climbing in the early 90’s by making the seven-hour trip with his mom from Chicago to Kentucky’s world famous Red River Gorge. In 1997, after finishing high school, Mike B-lined it to Boulder, CO. Mike helped run USA Climbing for 4 years during which he became an IFSC Internationally Certified setter. In 2009, Mike and his wife, Anne Worley Moelter, co-founded Movement Climbing + Fitness. Five years in and one baby girl later, they decided to open Movement Denver in 2014. He now has a three-year boy and six-year-old daughter.

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Alicia Heckman

Area Director, Movement Climbing + Fitness

Alicia has been involved in the climbing and outdoor industry for 10 years. Alicia brings her group facilitation experience, past insurance work, and passion for climbing to the Movement Team. Since starting at Movement, Alicia has held many roles including Climbing Instructor, Program Director, and Office and Projects Director. Having worked at Movement for over 6 years, Alicia values working alongside collaborative experts, who are excited to better the Movement community and the climbing industry at large. Outside of Movement, Alicia can often be found hiking or running with her husband and dog, spending time in mountain towns, and looking for any excuse to eat ice cream.

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Drew Heckman

I.T. Manager, El Cap

Drew began climbing at age 10 in a retrofitted barn in central Pennsylvania. Since then he’s always had an itch to work in the climbing industry. Beginning his Movement career working on the Front Desk at Movement Boulder in 2011, Drew brings a systems + technical background along with a drive to connect with people through teaching. With a systematic mindset, he approaches day to day problems in operations and seeks to improve customer experience. As a CWI Provider he has taught many certification courses and loves helping to push the industry forward. On his off days he can be found hiking with his wife + dog, or hanging out at home watching football. GO EAGLES!

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Ryan Sewell

El Cap Director of Routesetting, Central Region

Ryan has been with Movement from the beginning. He got his start at Movement Boulder sweeping the floors when it was just a construction site as a young 19 year old, just looking to make it in the climbing mecca of Boulder. Growing up climbing in the great state of Texas, routesetting quickly became Ryan’s hobby and not long after, his career. As a USA Climbing Level 5 routesetter, nine time US National Team member, 5.14d and V14 rock climber, and avid global traveler, Ryan is committed to providing a world class climbing experience for everyone who visits Movement. Outside of Movement, Ryan is most likely found with his fiance and dog in one of two places—on the golf course or at the crag.

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Patrick Montgomery

Brand Integration Director, El Cap

With a diverse background in creative, management, and yoga, Patrick leads with a single purpose—to get members moving toward greater health and happiness. He provides creative solutions to all of Movement’s departments across digital, print, social media, copywriting, and environmental platforms. With over 17 years of experience at agencies in Los Angeles and Boulder, Patrick learned he’s at his best when he believes in the work. He sees how much Movement transforms people and he enjoys expressing the benefits of rock climbing + fitness every day! He holds a BFA in Visual Communications and has won the Denver Addy Award and two Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards. Patrick is also responsible for the yoga programs at MC+F Baker and Rino. He has created a well-rounded schedule of tried-and-true yoga class styles led by experienced and authentic instructors. Patrick has been teaching for over 15 years. In that time, he has led countless classes and over ten yoga teacher trainings. When he’s not at work, Patrick is probably riding his horse, entertaining friends, or meditating.

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Andrew Fraser

Gym Director

Andrew is a Coloradan who rarely sits still. After nearly a decade of leading cultural, athletic, and linguistic adventures around the world, he’s happily sunk roots back in his hometown of Denver. His diverse interests and passions for movement in the great outdoors span all four seasons and he doesn’t wait for sunny weather to go play outside in the Rockies. Andrew fancies himself a renaissance man who knows a little about a lot and is happy to share epic stories around the fire with friends. When not climbing rocks, bagging peaks, or practicing yoga, you can find him happily snowboarding steep and deep winter pow or flying his wingsuit through puffy clouds.

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Ian Lavin

Facilities Director

Ian started climbing while finishing his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at BYU. He loved the physical challenge, problem solving, and the welcoming community. After moving to Denver in 2015 to pursue higher education, he joined Movement to be part of the community and accomplish his climbing goals. Before taking on the role of Facilities Director, Ian worked at Movement for two years at the Front Desk and as a Facilities Assistant. He applies his skill set to provide a clean environment for members to enjoy and achieve their climbing goals. When Ian isn’t climbing, he is often reading books about how to produce longevity and wellness in the body—studying topic’s like nutrition, mobility, biomechanics and meditation.

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Michael Vaughn

Fitness Director

Michael is a genuinely ambitious, free-spirited, imaginative, and passionate fitness professional. He has been in the industry for ten years, cultivating knowledge in as many disciplines as possible. He started his journey as a competitive boxer, at age 15. Michael was selected to fight in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, along with 30 other boxers, and trained at the Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs. He says, “it was an honor to be selected and to train with some of the greatest athletes in our country.” The experience taught him to compete, always, and push himself regardless of failure. It’s like Teddy Roosevelt once said: “It’s not the critic who counts, but the man in the arena. If he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” Michael’s passions include climbing, biking, and mountaineering. He is currently training for a five-day solo bike ride from Denver to Moab.

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Karina Demagistris

Childcare Director

Originally from Argentina, Karina first came to the US in 2011 as an au pair. It was here when she fell in love with rock climbing and has been doing it ever since. She is a musician and loves staying busy doing what she loves the most. As a mother of a 5 years old boy, she also understands that combining parenting and doing what you like is sometimes a challenge. That is why as the Childcare Director, she is dedicated to help parents meet their goals while knowing that their children are safe and nurtured. With more than 10 years of experience in the childcare field, including working as a childcare consultant since 2016, Karina is very excited to be part of the Movement community, combining two of the things she is passionate about: children and rock climbing!

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Nathan Price

Head Coach

Nathan is inspired by seeing the passion for climbing grow in every young athlete he works with. His love for coaching started when he began coaching the team in Durango, CO, and has continued to grow over the past 5 years. Nathan graduated from college with a degree in Exercise Science, and enjoys any opportunity he gets to share his knowledge. For him helping young athletes meet their goals is important, but he also believes that fostering a lifelong love for this amazing sport is equally important. Nathan’s passion and dedication are apparent when he is working with athletes, and the psych that he has is infectious. He has held many positions at Movement including Front Desk Associate, Club Team Coach, Routesetter, and Advanced Team Lead Coach. He transitioned into the Head Coach Position at both the Baker and RiNo locations in 2018. When he is not coaching you can still find him around the gym either training for his own goals, both competition and outdoor, routesetting, or making the trek to Rifle to work on his outdoor projects!

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M Hecker

Marketing Coordinator – Movement

M Hecker is passionate about storytelling. He brings years of experience in photography and videography to Movement. He is originally from Chattanooga, TN where he started climbing many years ago. He has been a member of Movement since MC+F Baker opened and  has found a home and family with the Movement community. When he’s not producing content for MC+F you can find him climbing, running, slacklining, photographing concerts, and skiing/snowboarding.

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Jalen Bazile

Programs Director

Jalen began his relationship with climbing by following friends up classic domes in the South Platte region of Colorado. He spent most of his early twenties outside, leading student groups into the back-country for various outdoor education schools and centers. His skills in program development and community building flourished as he took on roles organizing community events for Outdoor Afro and Melanin Climbers of Colorado. When he’s not facilitating a program or welcoming community members into the gym, he’s leading backpacking and mountaineering courses. Jalen brings a wealth of thoughtfulness and leadership to his role at Movement.

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Jen Cameron

Yoga Director

Jen has been practicing yoga since she was a teen, and has been teaching it since 2010. She has a background in Management in several industries and is thrilled to combine her experience and skills into the role of Yoga Director. She is inspired by the Yoga she sees both on the mat and on the walls by our dedicated members and staff. As an “acroyogi” she loves climbing on people and seeing how it translates to climbing in general. If you come in contact with Jen she will try to make you laugh and invite you to her classes. She will probably try to feed you as well, as she’s always packing snacks.

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