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let’s get ready to rumble

Join us for Rumble in the Rockies, our first ever regional rope climbing competition! Get ready to compete with other climbers in the community, climb on brand new sets, and have fun—all skill levels are welcome. The comp consists of 4 weeks of red point competition, followed by a finals competition at Movement Baker.

how does it work?

From August 28, 2023 through September 24th, 2023, all of our roped climbing areas will be re-set with one competition route per category each week. Each Rumble in the Rockies route will have a grade and indicator tag, and will be viewable within the Kaya competition. Scores will be calculated by totaling all the point values of the routes completed/attempted by a competitor during the 4-week period in a red-point format. Participants will record their scores in Kaya!

what are the categories?

Competitors will enter in male/non-binary or female/non-binary gender categories and select their skill level. We welcome competitors to choose the skill and gender category they are most comfortable with. As a general rule, your skill category should be determined by the hardest grade you regularly redpoint in the gym.

At the end of the competition and once all scores have been tabulated, the setting team will check for any outliers in each skill category and will bump anyone who should have been in a different category. Our 4 skill categories are:

  1. Novice: 5.7 – 5.10- (top rope only)
  2. Intermediate: 5.10+ – 5.11+ (top rope only)
  3. Advanced: 5.11+ – 5.12+ (lead only)
  4. Open: 5.13- – 5.13+ (lead only)

you mentioned a finals competition

The top 2 competitors from each gym in each category will be invited to compete in our regional Finals at Movement Baker on October 7th. All participants are invited to come cheer on the competitors!

ok i’m in—how do i register?

Scroll down to sign up and pay the registration fee for the gym that you’ll be competing for. Please know that while you can travel to check out the Rumble in the Rockies routes at other gyms, you can only accrue points at the gym you signed up for. Be sure to register before September 10th to get this year’s shirt!

register for your gym

Please note: The date in the link is the last day of the comp. Don’t worry, you’re signing up for the correct competition!

how to join

  • 1

    register for your gym above

  • 2

    register through kaya

  • 3

    record your comp sends from 8/28-9/24

in the gear shop

Next time you’re in our gear shops, check out these offerings from our friends at DMM, Scarpa, and Sterling!

Scarpa Shoes

  • Vapor V – Scarpa’s Versatile best seller!
  • Instinct VS  – All-around climbing shoes that handles a variety of climbs at the highest level
  • Drago  – Performance climbing shoes with a downturned toe for powerful pulling on all terrain


  • Mantis – Ideal for those looking for a single belay device for all their climbing activities
  • Shadow HMS – A large, yet lightweight, HMS carabiner with a short gate to maximize gate opening


  • 6mm (5.9mm) Powercord – a high-strength, yet lightweight material making PowerCord a great option for anchor building and haul lines.
  • Velocity 9.8mm XEROS – all-rounder for use in virtually any condition, the Velocity is a near-perfect balance of characteristics for a wide variety of climbing styles and conditions.