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Transforming people & our communities through the experience of climbing, yoga, and fitness

At Movement, we believe we can change the world by helping each other recognize and become our best selves. That’s what we do at our gyms. Every day, in so many ways, we bring out the best in each other.


  • Climbing

    Sure, we’ve got expert routesetters and a kajillion feet of climbing walls. But we think the best routes are the ones that help people believe in what’s possible for themselves.

    Why do I give this gym 5 stars? Because it's... freaking... amazing... I mean, good lord, there are so many walls to climb on, and it's so varied! That's what I'm talking about!”

  • Yoga

    Our yoga classes will move your body, mind, and soul. We offer a mix of styles to help each and every body find their balance—whether yoga is your main thing or a part of your cross-training plan.

    They offer some of the best yoga and fitness classes in the industry led by the best teachers in the industry. The community that comes to Movement is strong and connected. Thank you for all you do!!!”

  • Fitness

    Work out without judgment, push your limits, and train for the adventures of your life. Or join our fun, high-energy group classes that are as social as they are sweaty. Whether it’s strength, conditioning, or recovery you’re after—get ready to get fit!

    I want to comment on the quality of the fitness classes. I'm very impressed by most of the instructors. They have all been open to feedback, are passionate about teaching technique and many hang out after class to answer all your individual questions about injury issues, routines, progressions. It's a killer deal to have access to that knowledge on top of the class instruction.”