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We are visionary climbing + fitness facilities that provide access to challenging physical activities to steward journeys to profound personal and collective growth for our communities by sparking radical confidence, campfire connection, and infectious optimism, intentionally investing in people and planet in ways that inspire moments of “wow.”

Our gyms are climbing-focused facilities that offer world-class routes, climbing training areas, quality fitness and yoga classes, childcare, a youth climbing team, and a variety of special programs, events and competitions, including IFSC World Cup and USA Climbing Sport & Speed National Championships.

Designed with the unique personalities of our different communities in mind, we serve Boulder’s climbing community, Denver’s Baker Historic District, and Denver’s up-and-coming RiNo Art District. Whether you are training for your outdoor projects, learning to climb, looking for new ways to stay fit, or any excuse to have fun, we’re committed to helping every individual make progress toward their goals.

Sure, professional climbers train at Movement, yet it’s not about what grade one can climb that inspires us—it’s one’s level of commitment to the sport, to themselves, and to the community that makes us want to be part of our member’s lives. We’re blown away by the people we meet here, every day! The thing about rock climbers is they genuinely believe great human achievements are possible. They will remind you of your potential every time you fall off the wall. Our community understands that commitment, motivation, and a lot of cheering from friends, are at the heart of personal transformation and growth as an athlete.

As earthy, tree-hugging, yoga-loving types, we support organizations that protect access to climbing areas and the outdoors. MC+F is the first full-service climbing facility powered by renewable energy. At our Boulder and Baker facilities, up to 80% of our energy is solar and most our light is natural. The feeling inside our gyms is different because we let the outside in. During construction, we complete extensive studies on space, light, air quality, and community areas to make you feel at home—and in harmony with nature— at our gyms. That’s why Climbing Magazine named us one of the worlds “future gyms.”

Founded in 2009 by Mike and Anne-Worley Moelter, Movement Climbing + Fitness continues to be their life’s passion and work. If you see them climbing at the gym, say “hello.” They would love to hear about your climbing projects and outdoor adventures!