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move with purpose

Movement’s vision is to reduce barriers to access and protect outdoor spaces because everyone should be able to experience the transformative effects of climbing, yoga, and fitness.

Move with Purpose is our program to help turn this into a reality. Engaging more people in climbing is the key to creating supportive, kind, and courageous communities that extend far beyond our walls. And we’re serious about protecting the places where we play for future adventurers.

We’ve been at it for years, but Move with Purpose takes it up a notch and amplifies our impact to make bigger positive impacts to our neighborhoods.

  • Global Climbing Day

    Join us July 13, 2024 for Global Climbing Day, a worldwide celebration of climbing, community, and culture with The North Face. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, enjoy FREE Climbing + Free Rental Gear at ALL Movement Gyms!

    Chalk up for a day filled with games, classes, swag, and more. It’s time to embrace the spirit of climbing and connect with our vibrant community. See you on the walls!

  • Access Fund $50,000 Match

    We did it!

    Thank you so much to everyone who donated to help us meet our Access Fund match. Together, we made a lasting impact to climbing access and conservation advocacy.

    From June 3rd to 14th, we matched $50,000 of your donations to the Access Fund.

Our support Pillars

Every organization uniquely impacts its community so we developed Move with Purpose to support organizations and people in multiple ways.


Teal Memberships

A need-based membership for individuals who otherwise cannot afford access to climbing, yoga, and fitness.

Classes + Passes

Discounted or free access for classes, climb nights, and other events, providing a space where folks can feel comfortable gathering, connecting, and celebrating each other.

Charitable Donations

Donations that go directly to an organizations to support their initiatives, drives, or other goals.

Who we support

To reduce barriers: We look to enable traditionally underrepresented groups or those who have financial barriers to access the transformative experiences of climbing, yoga, and fitness

To protect outdoor spaces: We look to protect access to climbing and preserve outdoor spaces where our community recreates through supporting initiatives like trail building, garbage clean up, and equipment replacement.


We give to national organizations that are committed to our community. They are the voice of climbers and our guide in exploring and protecting the outdoors.

National organizations in our current giving program include Access Fund, American Alpine Club, American Safe Climbing Association, and Blk Out Fest.



The team members you see each time you visit the gym constantly develop relationships with non-profits in their local area. We recognize that local giving programs can often make a huge difference, so every year, gyms partner with organizations that positively impact their neighborhood.