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show up as your authentic self

Movement is a community for all. Everyone here is committed to creating a welcoming culture. We recognize that climbing, yoga, and fitness can be both socially and physically intimidating. That’s why we go the extra steps to make sure everyone feels included, accepted, and supported. We believe in the passion of our communities to transform the world into better place through the experience of climbing, yoga, and fitness. We support those who may face challenges in accessing our gyms through purpose-driven giving.

We asked 100s of people what climb as you are meant to them.


Climb As You Are Community Speaks

Our communities collective answer:

“Climb as you are” is an invitation to ALL levels, ages, races, and genders to show up as your authentic self. There is nothing about you that needs to change to be here with us. You are radically accepted in this space. No matter how you feel on any given day, come to the gym and get moving. Movement will always help you feel better about your challenges. Happier. Grateful. Focused. So, don’t take yourself too seriously. We all come to the gym for different reasons, and that’s okay if we’re all having fun! Everybody wants to feel comfortable in a community without pretense and open to the possibility that new friends are waiting to meet YOU.

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If you’re new to Movement and wondering where to start – we’ve got you covered! Get your first class on the house – whether that’s taking an Intro to Bouldering or Rope Climbing class, finding your zen with Yoga class, or breaking a sweat in a Fitness class


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Progress in climbing at your own pace

Whatever your current level or experience, Movement’s unparalled climbing curriculum — The Progression Series — will meet you where you are and challenge you to grow!

New to climbing? Check out the Intro Series!

More experienced? Check out the Intermediate
series and beyond.

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Teal Memberships

Movement’s Teal Membership is a need-based membership for those experiencing financial barriers and who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access climbing, yoga, and fitness at our gyms.

Movement’s vision is to transform the world through the experience of climbing, yoga, and fitness. The Teal Membership is part of Movement’s Move with Purpose program. Move with Purpose reduces barriers to accessing these sports and enables more people to be a part of the Movement community.

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