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We’re glad you’re here

We believe everyone should feel like they belong wherever they chose to adventure. We’ve been building communities around climbing since 1994, and we know it’s not about physical feats, it’s about having fun and feeling included! Here’s some info to help you get started, but what we truly recommend is dropping by for a tour with a real live person or taking a class.

Let's help you get started

Take A Tour or Book a Climb

Book a tour** and see for yourself why this is the place for you to climb, work out, do yoga, and meet a community.

Tours are always free and last about 15 minutes.

Anyone who books a tour will receive an intro to climbing class on us! (code in tour confirmation email).


Book a climb** and take your first step into the vertical world with this one-hour climbing session with our experienced instructors handling the ropes for you.

**Take a Tour or Book a Climb isn’t available yet at our Callowhill, Gowanus, Harlem, LIC, Valhalla, and Denton locations.

Take an Intro to Rope Climbing Class

Start your climbing journey by mastering the basics needed to climb independently at the gym.

  • Together, we’ll learn and get tons of practice with knots and handling ropes (belaying)
  • We provide the gear and will spend time making sure you’re familiar with it all
  • We’ll introduce you to the gym and make sure you feel confident coming back on your own
  • Enjoy an energetic, yet intimate class setting (4:1 ratio)
  • Spend the rest of the day climbing and practicing your new skills

Take an Intro to Bouldering Class

Bouldering is easy to start and tons of fun.  This style of climbing does not use ropes as the climbs are short, yet challenging. This class will teach you everything you need to know to start your bouldering journey.

  • Learn and practice the movement skills necessary to grow
  • Experience what overhanging terrain is like and get tips from your instructor
  • Bouldering is extremely social, so we’ll get you familiar with the gym and community to make sure you feel great coming back on your own
  • Enjoy an energetic, yet intimate class setting (4:1 ratio)
  • Spend the rest of the day climbing and practicing your new skills

Go all in!

Are you ready to learn everything and go all in? Our Beginner Rock Climbing Course takes you through it all with our best beginner classes rolled into a four week course.

  • Intro to Roped Climbing Class where you get hands on experience on how to rope climb and belay.
  • Intro to Bouldering where you learn the basics on how to boulder, fall and more
  • Intro to Technique where you will learn the important foundational movements that will help in your climbing journey
  • Intro to Technique Lab where you can practice everything you learned with the feedback of your instructor

What to Expect

It’s about doing something together. From climbing partners to group fitness & yoga classes, at our gyms, every interaction is an opportunity to connect—even while social distancing.


We’ve got the perfect walls to start exploring the world of climbing. Our instructors, community and routes help people find the courage to take their very first vertical step.


Our yoga classes will move your body, mind, and soul. We offer a mix of styles to help each and every body find their balance—whether yoga is your main thing or a part of your cross-training plan.


Work out without judgment, push your limits, and train for the adventures of your life. Or join our fun, high-energy group classes that are as social as they are sweaty. Whether it’s strength, conditioning, or recovery you’re after—get ready to get fit!


  • I'm new to climbing. Can I just drop-in and start climbing?

    For sure! First-time climbers often begin with bouldering as it does not require certification or rope management experience. You’ll just need to fill out the waiver and watch the bouldering orientation video. New climbers can also top rope as long as their belayer has passed our Belay Check.

    By taking Introduction to Rope Climbing, you’ll build the necessary skills to pass our Belay Safety Check and start climbing in the gym whenever you want! If you want to get started without a class, check out our Book A Climb service.

    Everyone needs to sign our waiver and watch our Bouldering Orientation Video.

  • What is belaying?

    Belaying is the act of managing a rope to protect a climber. The belayer is there to control the slack in the rope system, catch a climber if they fall, and lower them down when they’re finished climbing. It’s a crucial skill to learn and refine, and one of the first skills we teach in our Introduction to Roped Climbing class.

  • How do I pass a Belay Check?

    So, you’re ready to belay? We’re psyched for you! Here’s what you need to know about the Belay Check. Before belaying in the gym you must pass a belay competency check, demonstrating the required skills outlined below. We encourage you to ask questions and practice briefly at our belay check station before starting.

    The minimum age for belaying is 13.

    You can learn all of these required skills, and more, in our Introduction to Climbing course.

    As part of your Belay Check, you will be asked to:

    1. Put on a harness and tie into the harness using a Figure Eight Retrace Knot*, with a minimum of six inches of tail.
    2. Put the rope “on belay” using an approved belay device.
    3. Demonstrate pre-climbing checks including harness and knot checks and commands.
    4. Belay, or manage the rope, such that a brake hand is maintained on the rope at all times. Catch simulated falls and demonstrate the proper lowering technique.

    *The DFW region uses the carabiner clip-in system instead of knot-tying.

  • What is bouldering? Do I need experience to try it?

    Bouldering is unroped climbing on shorter walls ranging from 14 to 17 feet high. All of our locations have expansive bouldering areas. While you don’t need any previous climbing experience to boulder, it definitely helps. Consider our Intro to Bouldering class, check out some of our blog posts, and be sure to watch our Bouldering Orientation Video.

  • What is Book a Climb?

    Book A Climb is an hour of climbing with one of our instructors leading your climbing experience. It will give you a great taste of climbing—no experience is necessary!  Harness rental is included.

  • Do I need to be a member and how much does it cost?

    Nope, everyone is welcome! There are a variety of entrance fee options depending on your needs. We offer memberships, day passes, seven-visit passes, and monthly memberships. Learn more about entrance and gear rental fees at individual gym location pages.

  • Does my membership include all locations?

    Yeppers! Your membership includes access to all Movement locations.

  • What is included with a day pass?

    A day pass includes full access to our world-class climbing routes, climbing-specific training areas, quality fitness and yoga classes, full-service weight rooms, and community events.

    If you decide you’d like to become a member by the end of the day, we’ll even apply your day pass to your total membership cost!

  • Can I bring someone as a guest if I am a member?

    Absolutely! Every membership includes guest passes to be used at your convenience.

  • Do you offer rental gear?

    Definitely. We’ve got ya covered. Locations are fully stocked with rental shoes, harnesses, chalk bags, and belay devices.  Please select a location to see what rental gear is offered.

  • Do you have auto belays?

    We do not have auto belays in our facilities*. However, as occupancy allows, we will offer a class at our roped facilities called The Partner Project! This class is designed for members and guests of the community who are looking to meet belay partners and build friendships based on trust and a shared interest in rock climbing. All abilities are welcome and must be top rope belay certified.

    *Movement Plano and Grapevine do have auto belays in-gym available for use.