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Each class offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to support climbers…every…step…of…the…way. Our knowledgeable, motivating coaches delve into every layer and level of the climbing training journey. Whether a beginner or a pro—welcome the challenge to grow!

  • Beginner Rock Climbing Package

    Jump start your climbing journey, expand your community, and have some fun! The Beginner Rock Climbing Package includes 4 classes, unlimited access to the gym for 30 days, and all rental gear needed. You’ll gain experience and knowledge in the Intro to Bouldering and Intro to Rope Climbing classes. We’ll then help you build foundational climbing skills in day #1 of our Intro to Technique class and ensure your climbing continues to progress through personalized coaching in Intro to Technique day #2.

    Price: $119

  • Intro to Technique

    AKA Learn to Climb V3

    Feeling comfortable on the wall, and ready to begin honing your craft? In this two day class, we’ll cover key techniques to help you really progress in your climbing. Day 1, learn principles needed to drive movement from your toes, how to position your body and use handholds efficiently, and use breath to support your mind and movement. Day 2, you’ll get time to practice on your projects with feedback from our talented coaches. Leave with the skills to tackle most climbs through Blue (V4).

    Price: $75 | Member Price: $45

  • Introduction to Bouldering

    Come learn to boulder. Our instructors create a fun, community-focused experience covering falling, bouldering etiquette, and basic movement skills. If you’re new to bouldering, this is the perfect class to get started on a new, lifelong passion.

    Upgrade option: Intro+ adds 15 days of access for $30!

    Price: $30 | Member Price: Free

  • Introduction to Rope Climbing

    Learn the basics of belay technique in this hour-long intro lesson! Designed for people with little or no climbing experience, this course teaches the skills needed to climb independently at our facilities and is a great first-time climbing experience.

    Price: $30 | Member Price: Free

  • Learn to Lead

    Over the course of two classes, learn the essential techniques necessary to lead climb and belay in the gym. Participants will be given the opportunity to practice taking and catching falls. This course is also a great first step for those with aspirations to lead outdoors.

    Price: $145 | Member Price: $115

  • Learn to Lead LAB

    In this 2.5 hour class, you’ll get the opportunity to step outside the mock scenario to further hone your lead climbing and belaying skills. Expect to come out of this class with a more nuanced understanding of best lead climbing practices, whether you’re working to pass your Lead Check or you are already leading and want to build your confidence on the fundamentals.

    Price: $65 | Member Price: $50