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get ready for the last SBS comp of the season!


“Movement, the HECK is SBS?” Glad you asked! SBS, or Southern Bouldering Series, is our annual Fall bouldering series consisting of 4 competitions throughout DFW. Each comp includes a 3-hour redpoint round for climbers of ALL skill levels, followed by a sweeeeet onsight finals round for the Elite categories that you won’t wanna miss! Food and beverage provided. This series has always been a favorite for the DFW community, and we can’t wait to see familiar faces back again as well as new ones!

SBS season schedule:

  • Sept. 9th @ The Hill ✓
  • Oct. 14th @ Plano ✓
  • Nov. 4th @ Grapevine ✓
  • Dec. 16th @ Fort Worth (coming up soon! scroll down to sign up)

how does it work?

There are two waves this year – pick the time slot that you want to compete in!

  • Wave 1: 11am – 2pm (Check-in 10am)
  • Wave 2: 4pm – 7pm (Check-in 3pm)

There are 3 hours in each wave for competitors to climb and log sends into KAYA. Here’s the rule breakdown:

  • You’ll be able to climb as many boulder problems as you want as many times as you want.
  • Each boulder problem will have a point value to it.
  • Your top five boulder problems count as your total score. There will be no flash bonus.
  • Honor system, so please no cheating!
  • You must be 16 years old or older to compete.

Your ticket provides you with food & drinks (ID must be presented) at the end of your wave. At 8pm, we’ll wrap up with a finals round for the top 5 competitors in our Elite categories! Spectating for finals is free (food/drink not included) and open to anyone. If you wish to spectate the redpoint waves AND get a food/drink ticket, spectating passes are available for purchase!

We will be taking day-of signups for all categories, although Elite competitors who sign up the day-of will not be able to compete in finals.

category breakdown

Competitors can compete in the male, female, or non-binary category for each skill level. We welcome competitors to choose the skill and gender category they are most comfortable with. You will be competing against those in the same category/skill level as you. As a general rule, your skill category should be determined by the hardest grade you regularly redpoint in the gym.

  • Beginner: VB – V2
  • Intermediate: V2 – V4
  • Advanced: V5 – V8
  • Elite: V8+

are there prizes?

Yes! Each podium finisher will receive a medal and a Movement gift card. There is a cash prize for our Elite podiums.

ok i’m in—how do i register?

Scroll down to sign up! Ticket sales are live for SBS Fort Worth.


register for sbs fort worth | saturday, 12/16

  • kaya scoring

    We’ll be using Kaya to score all SBS events this season! Make sure you have it downloaded beforehand so you can explore it for yourself before comp day. When you register for a challenge:

    • Go to the search bar on the “Home” page and scroll to the Challenges section.
    • Look up “SBS” and register for the corresponding event
    • On comp day, you’ll log your sends through each gym’s Kaya page and your scores will automatically calculate on the challenge.
    • You’ll be able to view all results right in the app!
  • t-shirts

    Limited edition SBS 2023 shirts will be available for purchase at each event! Check it out!