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Summer Smackdown is a 7-week long bouldering competition designed to build community, and motivate climbers to compete against themselves and one another in an inclusive and welcoming environment. The comp consists of 5 weeks of redpoint competition sets, followed by semi-finals weekend and finals weekend.

Throughout the redpoint period from June 17–July 21, 2024, each gym’s bouldering area will be re-set section by section. As each section is set, the Smackdown problems in that section will receive a grade, section ID, and a point value. Scores will be calculated by totaling all the point values of the boulder problems completed by a competitor during the 5-week period in a red-point format. Participants will record their scores in Kaya!

Competitors will enter in male/non-binary or female/non-binary gender categories and select their skill level. We welcome competitors to choose the skill and gender category they are most comfortable with. At the end of the competition and once all scores have been tabulated, the setting team will check for any outliers in each skill category and will bump anyone who should have been in a different category. Our 4 skill categories are:

  • Open: V8-Up
  • Advanced: V5-V7
  • Intermediate: V2-V4
  • Novice: VIntro-V1

The top 2 competitors from each gym in each category will be eligible for regional Semi-Finals and Finals! Semi-Finals will be hosted at Columbia on July 27 and Finals will be at Crystal City on August 3.

how to join

  • 1

    register for your gym below

  • 2

    register through kaya

  • 3

    record your comp sends from 6/17-7/21

register for your gym

Please note: The date in the link is the last day of the comp. Don’t worry, you’re signing up for the correct competition from June 17–July 21!

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