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our dei statement

You are the foundation of our community‚ÄĒwhere together, we are better.

At Movement, we believe everyone deserves to belong wherever they choose to adventure. Yet, we know that many groups have been disproportionately underrepresented in our industry, and many people lack access to the transformative effects of climbing, yoga, and fitness. Creating accessible spaces where people can bring their authentic self is important to foster the environment we desire – where there is respect, kindness, pride, laughter, support, and connection.

We’ll hold ourselves accountable and challenge all members of our community to the following commitments:

Advocate¬†–¬†We are committed to supporting an inclusive culture within Movement that promotes equity where all staff and community members feel they are valued, belong, and reflect the diversity in the broader community.

Educate¬†– We are committed to educating our team members and community on how our actions and values shape our surroundings and the importance of understanding, appreciating, and interacting with people from cultures or backgrounds different from one’s own.

Break Down Barriers – We are committed to seeking out and breaking down barriers that prevent people from accessing climbing, fitness, and yoga.

Build Partnerships – We are committed to building equitable partnerships with those aligned with our Vision and Values.

Intervene РWe will not tolerate harassing, discriminatory, or bullying behaviors.

What we've done

Our vision as a company is to transform the world through the experience of climbing. We envision a diverse, equitable and inclusive community striving to achieve what they thought was impossible. We hope to inspire our community to try new things, push their limits, and pursue their best selves ‚Äď ultimately transforming the way we live.

The path to that kind of world starts with the first few steps. These were ours:


Outdoor Industry CEO Diversity Pledge

In 2019, we signed the Outdoor Industry CEO Diversity Pledge (part of the In Solidarity Project). We lean on the core tenets of the pledge for guidance as we all work to advance representation for people of color across the industry. This is also one measure of public accountability for our company.


We embarked on a journey to redefine hiring practices for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization. We developed an internal DEI committee who have been working on developing and executing our company-wide DEI strategy that is aligned with our mission and values. We engaged with a DEI expert who facilitated focus groups within our company and helped us identify ways to increase dialogue with members of our community


We partnered with diverse organizations that share our values and commitment to DEI. Many of these organizations utilize our gyms as a place for their work and almost all are part of our giving program.

Where we are

We realize that we are currently in a marathon, not a sprint, on the journey towards reversing the systemic racism and injustice that is rampant in our country and our communities.   

While we have made progress on our DEI efforts over the last couple of years, thanks in large part to so many of our passionate team members, recent events have highlighted the opportunity and need for us to prioritize this work even more.  Our strategy and actions will align with our DEI statement: Advocate, Educate, Break Down Barriers, Build Partnerships, and Intervene. 

We readily admit that we don’t have all the answers. We don’t know the exact steps to take to get to a completely inclusive community. We may make mistakes or hit obstacles along the way. It is a big problem, but we are dedicated¬†to being part of the change and to creating¬†safe¬†spaces for all to be welcome.¬†¬†¬†¬†

As we continue our DEI journey, the following are resources shared to our team members internally.  

PLEDGE TO VOTE: BLM’s pledge to vote with email updates and reminders for the voting cycle.

USE YOUR VOICE: Contact your State and Federal representatives to demand Justice for Black Lives.

DEMAND EQUITABLE RECOVERY: Message congressional representatives to demand every possible measure taken to mitigate the black death rate due to COVID-19.

DONATE: Your contribution will benefit Black Lives Matter Global Network.

LEARN : A list of books, podcasts, videos and more to start your education for anti-racism compiled by Flicker & Klein (2020).

HEAL: Mental Health services being offered at reduced-fee rates and sponsored memberships for Black & Indigenous folx.