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We believe engaging more people in climbing is key in creating supportive, kind, and courageous communities that extend far beyond our walls. In addition, we pledge to protect the places where we play—outdoor climbing areas that are near and dear to our community—through donations and advocacy.

Making an impact locally

We recognize that local giving programs can often make a huge difference. You may remember some of the below organizations from our social feed and membership sale program, but we encourage you to click below and get to know them better!

  • Chicago Voyagers – Giving Chicagoland teens a chance to discover themselves and grow into their potential by providing adventure programs.
  • Illinois Climbers Association – Whether it’s paying for and managing Holy Boulders, or rebolting Jackson Falls and Giant City State Park, ICA is your go-to for preserving climbing and bouldering access!


We also partner with organizations that are committed to the climbing community as a whole. They are the voice of climbers and our guide when it comes to safely exploring and protecting the outdoors.

Climbing organizations in our current giving program include Access Fund, American Alpine Club, American Safe Climbing Association, Big City Mountaineers and Outward Bound.

Free bouldering classes

If you belong to an organization that helps bring down social and physical barriers to outdoor adventuring, we want to hook y’all up with our intro to bouldering class. Email wrigleyville@movementgyms.com to inquire + learn more.

Community fundraisers

Oftentimes, our community simply needs a small boost for their silent auction or fundraiser. Email wrigleyville@movementgyms.com to request an experience for your fundraising.


The Chalk Bag Fund (CBF) is the brainchild of our team members seeking a larger solution to help colleagues through the many different life challenges we face together. In 2020, team members raised and granted more than $80K to their peers.

The CBF is now a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) whose mission is to provide direct support to current and former employees in financial need. It is governed by a Board of Directors, which ensures the program lives its mission.