Step through the doors to confidence! Our routes, climbing-specific training areas, classes, and programs accommodate a wide variety of skill sets — from beginners to pros — and provide opportunities to grow as a climber at every stage of the journey.

Classes + Meetups

The adventure begins here! Connect with the community, meet climbing partners, and learn climbing and training techniques. Classes and meet-ups are included with membership.


Don’t have a climbing partner? No problem! We will pair up individual climbers. The Rope Up is a great opportunity to meet new people and build friendships based on trust and a shared interest in rock climbing. All climbing abilities welcome. Must be certified to belay.


Every other third Thursday

Movement Climbing + Fitness, Baker, and OUT FRONT Colorado would like to invite the LGBTQ community to a monthly night of rock climbing and socializing—every other third Thursday. Feel welcomed to discover rock climbing at MC+F Baker. Movement is more than a place to work out. It’s a community of friends that affirm, celebrate, and support each other.


You don’t have to go it alone. From introductory to advanced climbing techniques, our highly-qualified instructors will help put you at ease on the wall to conquer your goals.


Learn the basics of knot tying and belay technique in this hour long intro lesson. Designed for people with little or no climbing experience, this course teaches the skills needed to climb independently at Movement and is a great way to learn the ropes.


The ultimate introduction to all-things-Movement! Learn all the material from Top Rope Belay courses plus basic climbing and training techniques. Includes one-month membership and rental gear during lessons— an awesome value to get you started!


Ready to transition from top rope to lead climbing? Start here. Learn how to clip safely, lead belay, handle the rope, fall, and catch a fall. Includes rental gear and a day pass each day of the lesson and a 10% discount on a new lead rope before the course ends.


In addition to our classes, we offer programs for an extra cost to help you broaden your experience and skill set in climbing, fitness, or yoga. Commit to learning from instructors and peers with a ton of expertise and enthusiasm. Our multi-week programs are transformational! Pre-registration required. Space is limited. To register please stop by our front desk or call 720.476.7800. 48-hour cancellation policy. For more information, please email us.



Looking to take your climbing to the next level with the support of other women? You’ve found the Lady Crushers! This series is for women who are comfortable lead climbing (or willing to learn) and looking to break through plateaus in their climbing—and lives. Lead certification required. Includes catching, falling, hangboarding, bouldering, fitness circuits, projecting, and sequencing. Learn, laugh, and crush within a community of female climbers.


Movement Labs and Series delve deeper into climbing, fitness, yoga, and cycling theories, helping you build specific skills. Join us for a few hours to learn from instructors with a ton of expertise and enthusiasm.



We’re a family-run business and we understand how challenging it can be to balance the activities of each family member—from kiddos to teens, to parents who also want to maintain their fitness regimens. That’s why we provide youth teams, programs, camps, and a childcare. All of our youth programs focus on personal growth and team-building; not to mention—any excuse to have fun!


Develop your organizations personal, academic, or professional skills by participating in one of our experiential group programs. Individuals and teams will be pushed outside of their comfort zones and learn to problem-solve, trust, and communicate. The fundamental principles learned in rock climbing can have a positive impact on anyone—from children to professionals.

We work with you to identify your group’s goals and customize a team-building program to meet your needs. All group programs are hosted at our world-class indoor rock climbing facilities in Boulder and Denver. Additionally, we can provide experienced program facilitators and rock climbing coaches, safety gear, meeting rooms, whiteboards, monitors for your presentation, and a lounge area.

While each group program can be tailored to your organization’s goals, the packages below provide a range of tried-and-true options:


Great for nonprofits and groups on a budget. Your groups time will be split between bouldering and top rope stations. No instruction included e.g. tying in, spotting techniques, etc.


More time on the wall! More specialized! Your groups time will be split between bouldering and top rope stations. Participants will learn how to tie in and spot.


Let us know your goals! We will tailor the event to exactly what the group is wanting. Can include learning to belay, games, team building, yoga, or fitness, etc.


Whether you want to hone specific climbing skills, create an ongoing training regimen, or get stronger—mentally and physically—our coaches can help you reach your goals.

Cost: Varies depending on the personal trainer.

To Sign Up: Personal training requires pre-registration. Please contact us using the form below.