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Here, climbing has always been more than working out

We run by a team of lifelong climbers, yoga instructors, lifters, and adventurers who are also expert number crunchers, culture and customer experience creators, and strategists. We accomplish more as one national community. More competitive wages and impactful career paths. Regular gym upgrades. Greater access for all climbers. Capacity to support more of your favorite nonprofits. And ultimately, opportunities to meet new friends and partners, inspiring more adventures across the country.

Our Vision

To transform the world through the experience of climbing

Our Core Values

We are all responsible for contributing to the achievement of a defined goal. Sometimes we follow, sometimes we lead, but we are always working towards a common vision. We are better together working as a team.

We love what we do and share our psych with each other and our community.

A call to action to pursue equity and diversity within our company and our community.

We do what is right for our people, our community, and our company – even when no one is looking.

We are not bound by convention when solving problems and/or identifying opportunities—we find better ways to do things.

  • What we've done and where we are

    We believe everyone deserves to belong wherever they choose to adventure. Yet, we know that many groups have been disproportionately underrepresented in our industry, and many people lack access to the transformative effects of climbing, yoga, and fitness.

  • Turn your passion into your career

    Many of our members and guests have told us they feel part of something bigger: communities and facilities where they can pursue their personal best and experience the physical, mental and emotional transformation of climbing.

  • Get the latest

    C’mon in and check out the latest coverage, cyberclips, and press releases! This is a great place to explore what we’ve been getting up to with our friends, partners and communities.

giving + Partners

We give to and partner with organizations that help bring down social and physical barriers to climbing and who are committed to preserving and protecting the planet.

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community guidelines

You belong here. You, our community, are the heart of our business. We pride ourselves on being a community where people of diverse identities, ideologies, and values can come together, and treat others with respect in all interactions. We do not tolerate disrespectful, harassing, discriminatory, or bullying behavior and we will intervene if any of these behaviors occur.

We hope you will use our gyms and online presence to build community with others, make friends, find partners, and learn from each other.  We belong together, we are stronger together, and we are glad you are here.

Social Media Comment Policy

Our social media is an extension of our community and a place to find information, connect, and inspire. We love engaging with and hearing from you, and seeing all your mentions, tags, and comments to us online. The community standards above apply to all activity on our social media and throughout our online presence.

Comment Policy

Our online presence is intended to build community, to engage in discussion and learn from each other – and to be kind. Derogatory, discriminatory, or inflammatory comments, personal attacks, and spam will be removed and users posting these comments may be blocked.

Moderation Policy

To ensure our online presence meets our expectations of building an inclusive, respectful, and diverse community, we moderate comments as needed. We believe in a diversity of thought. Respectful discussion and debate are welcome. However, we will remove any comments that contain harassment, derogatory or discriminatory language, bullying, inflammatory language, personal attacks, and spam. We may block accounts of users who repeatedly post comments that violate our expectations.