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expand your…everything

Feel encouraged to progress on your own unique path physically, mentally, and spiritually. We recommend trying a few styles and instructors to discover what works for you—then stick with it. The true benefits of yoga come with time. 

 The classes are designed for climbers so they are very core-focused which I love. The instructors are great -- are very dedicated to making sure your form is correct and that have a successful class.”

— Jessica

Yoga Class Types

  • Gentle
  • Hatha
  • Vinyasa
  • Workshop

Class Types

  • Classes

    We offer a mix of yoga styles to help each and every body find their balance—whether yoga is your main thing or a part of your cross-training plan. While we honor yoga tradition, we value modern health and wellness sciences. Categories of yoga include Vinyasa, Hatha, Gentle, and Specialty. Within each category, we offer the styles tailored to our unique community of teachers and students.

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  • Workshops

    Occasionally, we present opportunities to deepen one’s practice and reveal deeper layers of technique and philosophy behind our everyday classes. Whether you are a beginning student or dedicated student, workshops can help you grow.

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What to expect in your first class


Yoga is For Everyone

You don’t need to have a certain level of fitness or flexibility to attend a yoga practice. Explore our offerings and choose the class that’s best for you!

Arrive Early

All teachers will be in the yoga room 15-minutes prior to the start of class. This is a great opportunity to chat with the instructor and ask any questions you may have. The instructor can also provide guidance for the practice.

Leave Shoes Outside

Yoga is generally practiced barefoot. To help us maintain a clean space for practice, we ask that all shoes be left outside the yoga room in a cubby or locker.

Dress Comfortably

You do not need to wear anything specific or specially designed for yoga practices at Movement. Be comfortable!

Mats, Blocks, and Other Props

Mats, blocks, and other props are provided and free to use. We have a limited number of mats so bringing your own mat is encouraged. Do consider bringing water.

Turn off Cellphones

We ask that there is no cellphone usage during practice. Cellphones will disrupt the practice for you and your fellow community members.

Respect our Late Policies

All yogis wishing to practice must check-in with the teacher and be on their mat 5 minutes prior to the start of class. Spots are only guaranteed until 5 minutes before practice is scheduled to start. To ensure the safety of all students and to honor each student’s practice, yogis will not be permitted to enter the practice space 5 minutes after the class has started.

Meet Your Teachers

Our passionate teachers love what they do and it shows. They are committed to providing a positive, purposeful, and meaningful yoga experience.

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