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Climbing team

Our team programs foster a love of climbing and the mental challenges climbing can present. We focus on advanced technical skills and increased conditioning fueled by the support of fellow team members and friends.

Kids Club

Kid’s Club is a great way to learn climbing FUNdamentals. This 1.5-hour after school program teaches kids rock climbing basics through structured lesson plans that focus on repetition, team work, and problem solving, through climbing drills, games, and activities. Kids Club presents climbing skills in a low pressure environment that creates a lifelong interest in climbing.

Price: $110/month (membership included)

Ages: 6-11

When: Thursdays from 4:30-6pm

Climbing Club

Climbing Club is a great place to learn and refine fundamental climbing skills. In this 1.5-hour after school program, climbers will learn through climbing activities, team, community, and problem solving. Climbing Club seeks to create lifelong climbers and stewards to the greater climbing community.

Price: $110/month (membership included)

Ages: 11-18

When: Thursdays from 5-6:30pm

Intermediate Climbing Team

A twice-a-week team for athletes who demonstrate love of the climbing community, enthusiasm to work with coaches and peers, and focus during practice. This team introduces athletes to physical, mental, and technical rock climbing skills as well as a more structured training environment. Participation in entry-level competitions encouraged.

Price: $190/month (membership included)
Ages: 6-18
Prerequisites: After School Program, Introductory Team or equivalent experience strongly recommended. Application and successful tryout is required.

  • All-team: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-7:30pm
  • Ages 11-13: Saturdays from 9:30-11:30am
  • Ages 14+: Saturdays from 10:30am-12:30pm

Team Texas

Team Texas is a world-class youth climbing team. Team Texan’s compete on the national and world level in USA Climbing and IFSC competitions. Athletes range from 8 to 18 years old and practices are hosted at Movement gyms in DFW.

Founded in 1996, Team Texas is the longest-running, and most successful youth climbing team in the nation. While we are a competitive bunch, we also believe in the camaraderie that comes with being part of a team and having respect for the environment, as well as for each other.

The Team Texas mission is to provide kids the opportunity to experience the rewarding moments when hard work and commitment are matched with accomplishments and success.

team coaches

kati m.

Kati started climbing on a recreational climbing team in New Hampshire in 2012. In her early climbing years, she frequently took trips to local outdoor crags with her teammates, coaches, and friends. Her love for climbing sprouted after her first outdoor bouldering trip in 2013. In 2016, she got her first coaching job, and in 2020, she began coaching at Summit. Kati is committed to stewarding an encouraging, gracious, and attentive environment for athletes of all ages and ability levels. She believes in building lifelong climbers who are constantly growing in character and resilience through both physical and mental challenges.


Get the calendar, team resources, coach contact info, and learn more about events and team happenings.


  • How can my child join team?

    Team is for youth ages 6-18 who have had experience climbing before and are motivated and excited to be a part of a team environment. Start by filling out a climbing team application. Once a space becomes available, a Team Manager will contact you to set up a tryout.

    Some locations may have a long waitlist of climbers looking to get onto the team, while some locations have openings year-round. If at any time you wish to be withdrawn from the waitlist we ask that you email the Team Manager. This helps our larger team move through waitlists quicker.

    If the waitlist is very long, the team manager will be able to make recommendations for After School Programs or neighboring locations that might fit your athlete’s needs.

  • Is membership included?

    Yes! Membership is included as a benefit for athletes who take part in team.

  • I am a member, do I get a discount?

    Team dues are not discounted further if your child is already a member, is part of a family membership, or does not want a membership. Team dues cover coaching, team practices, and a gym membership so that athletes may visit the gym outside of practice. For Comp Team, the price of team also includes coaching at USAC events.

  • Can I freeze my team membership?

    Yes! Team memberships can be frozen for a fee of $8 a month. However, some of our larger programs have long waitlists of climbers in line to join the team, so some locations have a maximum amount of time you can freeze. This rule does not apply to medical freezes. Contact your local team manager for more specifics on your gym’s youth team freeze policies.

  • What is the parent's role in team?

    Every participant and coach is choosing to be part of a team with a common mission to develop high-performing climbing athletes in a way that emphasizes fun, fosters a love of the sport, and supports each team member’s personal development and growth. The Code of Conduct spells out the manner in which we’ll achieve the team’s mission and lays out expectations for both coaches and team members. If at any time a parent, coach, or team member has a concern about the well-being of a team member, we encourage them to reach out to the Youth Protection Committee.

  • How can parents stay involved?

    We strive to ensure that athlete parents and caregivers have the tools they need to support their climber. Some great ways for parents to stay involved are to participate in volunteering opportunities at competitions and events, take advantage of Movement classes to learn the basics of climbing, and to get to know their climbers’ coaches by saying “hi” at the gym!

  • What is the level of commitment needed to be on team?

    Our goal is to have a program suited for any youth athlete’s needs. Each of the 4 levels of team (intro, intermediate, advanced, and competitive) have varying levels of commitment. At all levels, coaches encourage climbers to climb outside of practice times by utilizing their free gym membership and to show up to practice every day ready to work hard, learn, and have fun.

  • What are the requirements to be on team?

    While each team level will have it’s own specific requirements, the general requirements of participating in youth team are:

    • Remain in good standing with the team
    • Uphold the Code of Conduct
    • Meet any competitive requirements for the team level
    • Wear the appropriate apparel and climbing gear to practices

    Some teams may have more specific requirements. Reach out to your team manager for more information.

  • If I am on team, does that mean that I compete?

    Not all teams compete in rock climbing! There are plenty of opportunities for youth athletes to focus on learning new skills and being a part of a fun and encouraging environment without the pressures of competing. Reach out to your team manager to better understand the competitive requirements for your team level and location.

    While not all athletes are required to compete, any climber that is interested and would like to learn more should reach out to their coach to discuss their options!

  • In addition to regular practices, what else does youth team entail?

    Being a part of the team can be much more than just attending weekly practices! Coaches are proud to offer team events like after-hours climbs, potlucks, skills clinics, and training camps to ensure that athletes are progressing and are having lots of fun with teammates while doing so. Being on the team is also a great way for kids to make friends to set up climbing dates with!

  • Does team run in the summer?

    Yes! Our youth team programs run year-round. Some locations may offer a condensed practice schedule during the summer and winter holidays. Contact your local team manager for more information!

  • What kind of training do the youth team coaches have?

    All Movement staff members are trained on our Youth Protection policies. All Movement coaches are CPR and First aid certified. Many coaches also have certifications such as:

    • USA Climbing Coach Certification
    • Certified Personal Trainer
    • Positive Coaching Alliance
    • SafeSport Training Certification
  • How can I find the coaches contact information?

    Call your local gym and our front desk team can quickly put you in contact with the right person!