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Climbing team

Our team programs foster a love of climbing and the mental challenges climbing can present. We focus on advanced technical skills and increased conditioning fueled by the support of fellow team members and friends.

  • try-outs

    This try out will be for spots on both The Hill and Design District location’s Select Teams.

    WHEN: saturday, april 8 | 10am-12pm
    WHERE: the hill | 8021 walnut hill ln.
    WHO: climbers ages 6-17

    Contact : Johnny.Willbanks@movementgyms.com

Introductory Climbing Team

A once-a-week team for athletes with some climbing experience, who are hooked and want to learn more about climbing and the climbing community. This team introduces athletes to our team culture and community, teaches basic climbing skills, and helps athletes feel comfortable and excited to train with their peers. No competition participation required.

Price: $120/month (membership included)
Ages: 6-18
Prerequisites: After School Program or equivalent experience strongly recommended. Application and successful tryout is required.

Intermediate Climbing Team

A twice-a-week team for athletes who demonstrate love of the climbing community, enthusiasm to work with coaches and peers, and focus during practice. This team introduces athletes to physical, mental, and technical rock climbing skills as well as a more structured training environment. Participation in entry-level competitions encouraged.

Price: $170/month (membership included)
Ages: 6-18
Prerequisites: After School Program, Introductory Team or equivalent experience strongly recommended. Application and successful tryout is required.

Advanced Climbing Team

A twice a week team for driven, focused, and mature athletes who demonstrate dedication to their team and mastery of basic climbing skills. This team introduces advanced movement skills, more extensive physical training, and preparation for performance situations. Participation in USA Climbing competitions strongly encouraged.

Price: $190/month (membership included)
Ages: 6-18
Prerequisites: Intro Team, Intermediate Team or equivalent experience. Application and successful tryout is required.

meet your coach!

Johnny loves helping others reach their goals.

Johnny’s approach to teaching climbers has to do with movement and the mental aspects of climbing. Johnny believes that working through those barriers and identifying strengths and weaknesses are the first steps into athlete development into their progression.

Outside of climbing Johnny enjoys lifting, cycling, and music.