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big things are coming.

Renovations are currently underway for a ~$1 million reinvestment into Movement Rockville. Renovations are anticipated to be complete within Winter 2023/24.

Read on for details about upcoming improvements! Here’s a taste of what members can look forward to:

  • Addition of a climbing training area with adjustable training boards
  • Upgraded locker rooms, fitness area, and yoga/group fitness room
  • Improved finishes throughout, including lighting, artwork, and community areas
  • Large purchase of new climbing holds and refresh of the party room

This is a living page as we continue to share more details bout the improvements we have in store! We’ll be sharing live updates on this page and announcements through our member newsletter and Instagram stories, so make sure you’re following and signed up to stay up to date with the latest information.

live updates

Check here any time for the most up-to-date information on renovations at Rockville.


Death Star + Climbing Training Status – delayed gym opening 10/9 + upcoming renovation impact

The gym will open late on Monday, October 9 at 12 pm for demolition of the top-out zone, also known as the Death Star. Members may also experience some interruptions both inside and outside the facility on Sunday, October 8 while our facilities team prepares for the demolition. We expect operations to resume as normal when we open on October 9. The Death Star will be stripped on Thursday, October 5, so we encourage members to get their final climbs in over the coming days.

After demolition, the former Death Star zone will be closed for approximately 4 weeks while we install the new training boards, hangboard rig, and flooring for the climbing training space.

party room status – partial 4-week closure

Half of the party room will be closed through the renovation of the new climbing training space, and additional portions of the party room will experience periodic closures as we create a re-imagined multi-purpose space featuring new holds and volumes.

Yoga Renovation Status – Now Open

The yoga room is now open! Come get your yoga (or sweat) on and enjoy new flooring, fresh paint, and improved storage. We’re adding finishing touches in the coming days including color-changing lights and other accessories.

changes we're stoked for

yoga + group fitness

Our upgraded yoga and group fitness room is designed for you to get your yoga (or sweat) on! Improvements include:

  • Color-changing lighting (so you can set the vibe of your session)
  • New flooring
  • Fresh paint
  • Improved storage

Status: In progress

climbing training area

We’ll be adding a new climbing training area with best-in-class training equipment, including two adjustable training boards: a new 12×12 Tension Board 2 and a 12×12 Kilter Board, voted on by our community.

Status: Coming soon

Party Room + Community Areas

This reimagined, multi-use space will be refreshed with the needs of our community in mind! Featuring new holds, volumes and new (more comfortable!) modular seating. A party and after school space “by day” and more varied roped terrain for members “by night” – something for everyone, regardless of skill level. 

In addition, upgraded storage, artwork, paint and lighting will be added in areas throughout the gym.  

Status: Coming soon

Locker Rooms

Modernized men’s and women’s locker rooms for your pre- and post-send needs. New fixturing and finishes throughout, from sinks and countertops to tiling, vanities, a new foot wash in the men’s locker room, and more.  

Status: Coming soon

Main Fitness Area

Expanded fitness area (more space = more gains) with a variety of new and upgraded cardio and strength equipment. The fitness wall will bump out approx. 10 feet to create more space for members to train. 

Status: Coming soon

frequently asked renovation questions

  • What is the expected timeline for the renovations?

    We expect to start the renovations in August and end this winter.

    Like many large-scale construction projects, the timelines could shift as we proceed into the work, so we have developed several channels to keep members and guests up to date about the work as it evolves, including a new Rockville-only email newsletter that goes out 2x/month, and a new page on the Movement Rockville website (you’re here, hi!). Sign up for the Rockville newsletter here!

  • What will be the impact to programs such as classes, yoga, and fitness?

    During the various stages of renovation, we will aim for minimal disruption to normal gym activities, but some areas will be significantly affected for short periods.  

    We will close the yoga/group fitness area for up to 2 weeks in August while we renovate the floor, lighting, and paint. We do not expect climbing classes to be affected, but there will be some impact to the party rooms for a few days. Other than the party rooms and deconstruction of the top out bouldering area, other climbing areas will not be impacted.  

    We will communicate about any impacts or closures at least two weeks in advance. Closures will be communicated via email (directly to Rockville members), the website, social media, and in-gym signage. Any impacts to our yoga classes, group fitness classes, and birthday parties will be reflected in our online schedule at least two weeks in advance.

  • Will the locker rooms be closed during the upgrades?

    Yes, during the upgrades, we will need to close each locker room for 1-2 weeks. We are staging the work on the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms at different times to reduce the impact on the gym. During the closures, the genderneutral bathrooms will still be available. If needed, we will engage portable toilets to supplement the gender-neutral restrooms during this time.  

  • Will the gym close during renovations?

    We may require short closures of the gym for demolition during the renovations and we’ll send emails to all members notifying folks of closures when necessary. 

  • This change is taking away bouldering terrain. How do we plan to mitigate this impact to the bouldering cave, especially prior to board installation?

    We are working with the route setting team to alleviate the impact of losing bouldering terrain during the transition. The team plans to set a higher density of climbs in some areas where possible and to increase the turnover of routes in the bouldering cave to help make sure there is a fresh supply of new boulders! With these changes, the number of boulders available over time should remain generally consistent to today.  

  • How are you balancing adding climbing training with removing climbing terrain?

    Short answer – we’re not done yet!  

    For 2023, we are prioritizing upgrades that topped our community’s list of desired gym improvements: 1) better equipment and space for climbing training, 2) expanded and updated fitness area, and 3) upgraded locker rooms. 

    This will put Rockville on par with our newer gyms and show Rockville love in areas that our community wants most. It was a difficult decision to remove climbing terrain to accomplish these goals, but we’ve cooked up some exciting ways to activate other parts of the gym to make the most of our climbing walls and ensure we can all get our sends in! See next question for details. 

  • How do you plan to mitigate crowding? 

    We hear you! Peak hours are busy times, and we want to make sure you have space to get your sends in, socialize, and be safe even when the gym is hoppin! We have some plans in the works to help with this during and after the renovations.  

    First, use of the new training space:  

    • We’re excited to introduce folks to the new training boards to help you make the most of your experience in the gym. We are cooking up some new clinics and will have signage and staff guides available to support folks using the boards safely and effectively.  

    Second, refresh of the “party” room: 

    • In an effort to provide more core climbing space, the route setting team will reimagine what the current party room looks like. The plan is to replace the old holds (be on the lookout for a hold sale) in the room with volumes that change how the space is climbed, creating a multi-use space intended for a wider variety of climbers. Whether you’re a first-time party-goer, or a seasoned climber, the “Party Room” will offer new ways for you to test your skills 

    Third, use of the peripheral instructional rooms:  

    • The instructional bays around the periphery of the gym are important resources for all of our adult and youth instructional programs. With the re-design of the “party” room, the instructional areas will be dedicated to hosting climbing instruction classes and our Introductory Youth Team athletes. These spaces will be intentionally designed for technical skill-building, traversing, and fun activities also!  
  • How can I continue to practice my top-out skills with the removal of the “Death Star”? 

    We know that many members and guests appreciate the thrill of topping out indoors and that topping out on climbs demands many different skills (balance, commitment, footwork, etc.). The route setting team will continue to provide a diverse offering a variety of climbing styles in the gym so that our community members feel prepared for their outdoor sends. 

  • I have some input I’d like to share about the remodel! Who can I reach out to?

    Reflecting the needs of our community is a key goal in the remodel. We have a large community to represent, but always appreciate hearing directly from members. You can reach us at rockville@movementgyms.com