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train for the adventures of your life

Whether your goal is to strengthen your climbing skills, train for the season or an event, or to find time between work and parenting to stay fit—we support your goals.

The fitness instructors are passionate about teaching technique and many hang out after class to answer all your individual questions about injury issues, routines, and progressions. It's a killer deal to have access to that knowledge on top of the class instruction.”

Fitness Class Types

  • Strength
  • Active Recovery
  • Conditioning

Class Types

  • Classes

    Maintain your health and wellness—and increase performance. Categorically, we’ve got an innovative mix of strength, conditioning, and recovery classes. Within each category, we offer styles tailored to our unique community of teachers and students. And we change things up seasonally to help you crush it on the slopes, water, trail, or at the crag.

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  • Personal Training

    Don’t know where to start or how to get off that plateau? Personal trainers will be on deck when we open to help ya get started or break through to the next level.

  • Workshops

    Well-qualified trainers occasionally offer focused workshops and progressive series which are always informative, meaningful, transformative experiences.