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Each class offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to support climbers…every…step…of…the…way. Our knowledgeable, motivating coaches delve into every layer and level of the climbing training journey. Whether a beginner or a pro—welcome the challenge to grow!

Intro Classes 

  • Learn to Climb Package

    Includes a one-month pass, two classes + rental gear!
    Unlimited Climbing for 1 Month

    Climb to your heart’s content with a one-month membership to Movement Gowanus. Upgrade to a full membership at the end of your month and we’ll waive your initiation fee ($49 value)! 30-day access begins the day of your Intro to Climbing class.

    · Intro to Climbing
    · Intro to Technique
    · Weekly yoga + fitness classes

    Free Rental Gear Included
    · Climbing Shoes, Harness + Chalk

  • Introduction to Rope Climbing

    Members: first class is free!

    Learn the basics of toprope belaying and the general ins and outs of the gym. 

    Price: $49 | Member Price: $24.50

  • Intro to Technique

    Getting thrown off the wall and not sure why? Identify areas for improvement by working with one of our experienced instructors. Learn to use video feedback and some drills to bolster your weaknesses. Climbers of all levels can benefit from an experienced eye on their technique. 

    Price: $49 | Member Price: $24.50

  • Climbing Technique Series

    This 5-week series taught by Jacklyn Cheung is designed to support climbers just starting in their climbing journey. Climbers will be taught fundamental techniques of climbing while getting the opportunity to form climbing partnerships with others in the group. Climbing range from V0-V2

    Price: $299 | Member Price: $199

  • Queer Crusher Series

    This beginner 6-session series is taught by a queer instructor, Hannah Salzer, and is designed for the queer community.

    In the series, we pair an affirming atmosphere with experienced instructors to help queer climbers progress in their climbing technique and movement fluidity on the wall. The recommended skill range is anywhere from V0-3

    Price: $150 | Member Price: $100

Intermediate Classes 

  • Intermediate Bouldering

    Elevate your climbing in this 90 minute bouldering class designed for V3-V5 climbers.

    Price: $74 | Member Price: $37.50

  • Learn to Lead

    Over the course of two classes, learn the essential techniques necessary to lead climb and belay in the gym. Participants will be given the opportunity to practice taking and catching falls. This course is also a great first step for those with aspirations to lead outdoors.

    Price: $198 | Member Price: $99

  • Sport Lead Tactics

    What’s next after lead certification? Lead excellence! In this class, participants will receive a tailored approach to their lead climbing and lead belaying abilities. The class will focus on tactics for approaching sports climbs; including visualization, route-reading, and finding rests. The class will have an emphasis on climbing efficiency and fall comfort.

    Price: $198 | Member Price: $99

  • Intermediate Leading: Falling and Catching

    Are you looking to improve your leading skills to be a better belayer and lead confidently? This class dives into the nuances of leading, covering precise slack management and scenarios like ledges/volumes/roofs and low clip falls. Practice and coaching on these risk management skills empowers you to face your fears on lead, belay with intention and build your climbing partnership. Come check it out

    Price: $198 | Member Price: $99


  • Pre-Crag: Anchor Building Fundamentals

    Looking to start climbing outside? The jump from indoor climbing to outdoor climbing requires a great deal of preparation, in Part One of our Pre-Crag series we’ll start establishing a solid foundation so you can approach the outdoors with confidence and security. 

    In this two-part class, participants will learn the fundamentals of building sound climbing anchors for single-pitch sport climbing. Emphasis will be placed on risk assessment and critical thought. Material covered will include: 

    • Equipment needs for building an anchor 
    • Basic knots required to build an anchor 
    • How to build and assess an anchor using the SERENE method 
    • Basic modifications to an anchor to adapt to specific outdoor scenarios 
    • Safe and efficient methods for dismantling an anchor and descending a route  

    Price: $198 | Member Price: $99