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Maintain your health and wellness—and increase performance. Categorically, we’ve got an innovative mix of strength, conditioning, and recovery classes. Within each category, we offer styles tailored to our unique community of teachers and students. And we change things up seasonally to help you crush it on the slopes, water, trail, or at the crag.

  • HIIT

    HIIT is a full mind and body workout to build strength, power, and confidence for Every-BODY. Expect rigorous interval training with high-intensity exercises where you will rotate between timed stations, targeting different parts of your body. You will build cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance. Options and modifications will be offered for every class, and you will always be invited to listen to your body and have fun! Suitable for all levels.

  • Pilates

    Pilates incorporates full-body movements with breathing to strengthen your core, improve mobility, balance, and coordination, and increase body awareness. Establish healthy movement patterns while improving imbalances in the body created through daily living.

  • Climber Conditioning

    Climber Conditioning is targeted at improving fitness required for beginner and advanced climbers. This class will include climbing specific strength, general strength, core, cardio and mobility training. Climb longer, recover faster, crimp harder, and feel confident along the way.

  • Mobility for Climbers

    Each week you’ll learn about your current range of motion (self-assessment), expand your range of motion (improved biology), and learn to control said ranges of motion through new neurological connections. 

  • Roll and Release

    FRIDAYS 5:00PM | 60 MIN

    Discover self-myofascial release to melt away tension from overworked areas, mobilize stuck regions to improve your movement patterns, and move into new end ranges of motion with strength and awareness.

    Price: $15 | Member Price: Free