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We offer a mix of yoga styles to help each and every body find their balance—whether yoga is your main thing or a part of your cross-training plan. While we honor yoga tradition, we value modern health and wellness sciences. Categories of yoga include Vinyasa, Hatha, Gentle, and Specialty. Within each category, we offer the styles tailored to our unique community of teachers and students.

  • Sunrise Yoga

    THURSDAYS | 8:30AM

    Join us on the mat for this energizing flow designed to wake you up and leave you feeling ready to tackle the day or the wall. 

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    Tuesday/Thursday Sign Up

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    Price: $15 | Member Price: Free

  • Vinyasa Flow

    SUNDAYS | 9:15AM
    MONDAYS | 7:30PM
    THURSDAYS | 6:30PM

    In this class, students can expect a vigorous, moderate to faster-paced, thoughtfully sequenced vinyasa flow that will prepare specific areas of the body for exploring “peak” poses. Students will be offered challenges, choices, and encouragement for a positive and inquisitive relationship with themselves.

    Sunday/Monday Sign Up

    Thursday Sign Up

    Price: $15 | Member Price: Free

  • Slow Flow


    In Shana’s classes, students are offered a slower-paced flow allowing for moments of physical challenge, deep holds, and breath-work. Mental intentionality is at the forefront, inviting students to engage in an awareness training that promotes embracing the unfamiliar, respecting individual limits, and prioritizing play.

    Price: $15 | Member Price: Free

  • Yin Flow

    FRIDAYS | 7:30PM

    Join us for a deeply nurturing Yin Yoga class where we explore the power of pranayama (breath control) to enhance your practice. This class is designed to cultivate inner peace, balance energy, and promote relaxation. We’ll conclude a yoga Nidra meditation to leave you feeling completely rejuvenated.

    Price: $15 | Member Price: Free

  • AcroYoga

    TUESDAYS 7:30PM | 90MIN.

    AcroYoga is a movement practice that combines the balance of yoga, the fitness of acrobatics, and the healing potential of human connections. You will face problem-solving challenges and work on your mutual balance to find your own sense of equilibrium and flexibility.

    Price: $15 | Member Price: Free

  • Restorative Yoga

    Thursdays 7:45pm | 60MIN.

    Join us on the mat for a moment to breathe and find a deep release after your long week! Expect to experiment with what feels right in your body in this slow-flow practice that supports fascial release, connection to breath, and mindful recovery. Suitable for all levels. 

    Price: $15 | Member Price: Free