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Come together

We can help you plan a day of climbing and connection, whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, or any kind of group outing.

  • Birthdays, scouts, and more!

    With great climbs, private climbing areas, and expert instructors, a climbing party at Movement will give your guests new skills, a restored sense of adventure, and incredible stories to share!

    What’s included in a party:

    • Reserved party space with tables and chairs
    • 90 minutes of instructor-supervised climbing
    • Dedicated instructors to belay, provide an orientation and encouragement
    • Enjoy BYO catering in our private climbing area
  • corporate events + large parties

    Climbing is a powerful way to explore the dynamic relationship between people. It builds trust, communication skills, and expands comfort zones. Plus – it’s fun!

    Whether you’re a company, school, scout group or group of friends, we’re ready to work with you on a program to meet your goals.

    Tab to the right to learn more.

  • Parties

    • Reserved group space with tables and chairs
    • 90 minutes of instructor-supervised climbing
    • Dedicated instructors to belay, provide an orientation and encouragement
    • Enjoy BYO catering in our private climbing area


  • Changes to your event

    • To decrease group size to a new price range: Call at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled party time and we can provide a refund for the difference in amount. 
    • To request to increase group size to a new price range: Call at least 14 days in advance. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide additional instructors. 
    • We cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate any additional participants day of the event beyond the number booked due to safety considerations. 
    • For questions or changes to your reservation, please call the gym. 
  • Cancellation Policy

    We know things happen and we’ll work with you. 

    Climbing Parties: 

    • To cancel, or reschedule for a full refund: Call at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled party time. Rescheduling is dependent on availability. 

    Corporate and Large Group Events:  

    • Full payment is required to book, but you can cancel with a 50% refund up to 48 hours before the scheduled event time. Rescheduling is dependent on availability
  • Chaperone Requirements

    Chaperone requirements: To ensure the best possible experience, Movement requires groups of minors (under 18) to be accompanied by a minimum ratio of adult chaperones.

    Movement staff are fully focused on providing a quality climbing orientation and guidance for your group, so we ask that parents/chaperones provide adequate supervision for youth participants.

    • Parties: one adult chaperone per 10 minors
    • Chaperones must actively supervise minors throughout the group event
    • Chaperones who are supervising only (not climbing) attend for free
  • Reserved Event Space

    With the Party package booking, Movement provides a reserved party space with tables and chairs which will be exclusively yours during your event!

    We do not provide catering or disposable goods, but you are more than welcome to bring and set up your own. Our staff will assist with cleanup so you can get the most out of your reserved climbing time.

    Alcohol is not permitted at our facility during a climbing program.

  • Paperwork REQUIRED for participants and spectators

    • Anyone who enters our facility, climbers, chaperones and guests, must have a waiver on file. If the participant is under the age of 18, their parent or legal guardian must sign the form.
    • To complete the waiver, the signee must present their photo ID when they arrive at the gym. A photo copy or photo on a phone of the parent/guardian’s ID is acceptable also for participants under 18 if that individual won’t be present at check-in.
    • Completing the waiver process can take 5-10 minutes. To speed up your check in process, direct your guests to complete the  waiver online or download the waiver form from our website.
  • What to wear

    Climbers should wear athletic shoes (closed toe required) and flexible clothing such as shorts or sweats.   Rings and dangling jewelry should be removed prior to climbing to avoid injury.

  • What to expect

    • Arrival and check in: For Parties, the reserving host or representative can arrive 30 minutes in advance to set up decorations and catering (staff will set up seating and tables). For all other participants and groups, plan to arrive 15 minutes early to begin the check in process.
    • Gear and orientation: Check in, gear rental, and orientation for a 10-person group typically takes about 30 minutes. This timeframe can vary depending on group size, participant ages, arrival time, and waiver status. Again, we highly recommend that ALL waivers be completed prior to arrival for a smooth check in process! Our staff do everything possible to ensure an effective and educational orientation, so that you are fully equipped to get the most out of your climbing experience.
    • Payment: Payment will be handled at the front desk before you leave by the manager on duty. Your deposit will be applied to your total and the card used for the deposit will be charged for the balance, unless you specify otherwise.
    • Tips: Tips are not required but are always appreciated by our hardworking staff!
    • Departure: Please wrap up activity at the designated end time and remove all personal belongings and food from any party spaces utilized. We often have multiple groups and parties scheduled in a day and appreciate your cooperation in ending your group event on time so that event spaces can be turned over. Staff will assist in final clean up and gear return. We welcome your feedback and hope you will visit again!
  • Tax Exempt Group?

    Tax exempt groups: Please email PDF proof of tax exemption to the gym prior to your scheduled event. Include reservation date, name of person booking, and group name (if applicable) in the subject line. Please bring a copy with you to show at checkout.


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