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Progression Series 

Here at Movement you belong – whatever your current level or experience, we have classes that will help you progress as a climber and challenge you to grow. Our knowledgeable, motivating coaches delve into every layer and level of the climbing training journey. 

New to climbing? Check out the Intro Series! More experienced? Check out the Intermediate series and beyond. 

Intro Classes 

Start your climbing journey here. In our intro series classes, you’ll build the fundamentals to support your climbing and personal climbing progression. These classes will help you progress through your first 3-6 months of climbing. Don’t see a class or time that works for your schedule? Check out our classes at Belmont, Sunnyvale, or Santa Clara.

  • Beginner Rock Climbing Package

    Jumpstart your climbing journey with this 30-day package designed to perfect your foundational skills and expand your community. Package includes 4 progressive classes, unlimited access to the gym for 30 days, and all the rental gear you need! 

    • Intro to Rope Climbing
    • Intro to Bouldering 
    • Intro to Technique Day #1 
    • Intro to Technique Day #2 

    Price: $139

  • Introduction to Rope Climbing

    Learn the basics of knot tying and belay technique! Designed for people with little or no climbing experience, this course teaches the skills needed to climb independently at the gym and is a great first-time climbing experience.

    Price: $32 | Member Price: Free

  • Introduction to Bouldering

    Come learn to boulder. Our instructors create a fun, community-focused experience covering falling, bouldering etiquette, and basic movement skills. If you’re new to bouldering, this is the perfect class to get started on a new, lifelong passion.

    Price: $32 | Member Price: Free

  • Fundamental Technique and Training Package: Technique and Endurance Coaching

    Take strides along your climbing journey, expand your community, and have some fun! The Fundamental Technique and Training Package includes 4 classes, unlimited access to the gym for 30 days, and all rental gear needed.

    In this program:

    • Day 1 & 2: build foundational climbing skills in and ensure your climbing continues to progress through personalized coaching.
    • Day 3 & 4: set goals and learn drills focused on building strength and endurance.

    Some climbing experience helps, but the main prerequisite is being ready to make progress toward your personal best.

    Price: $139 (includes 30 days of gym access) | Member Price: $90

  • Introduction to Technique

    Feeling comfortable on the wall, and ready to begin honing your craft? Learn principles needed to drive movement from your toes, position your body efficiently, and use breath to support your mind and movement. Leave ready to start practicing these in your day to day climbing.

    Price: $60 | Member Price: $45

Intermediate Classes 

Continue your climbing progression with classes that help bring awareness and purpose to your climbing from movement on the wall to mental game and leading skills. These classes taken together can help climbers with 3-6 months or more experience progress up through, on average, the V6 and 5.12 level.  Don’t see a class or time that works for your schedule? Check out our classes at Belmont, Sunnyvale, or Santa Clara.

  • Peak Performance Team

    Come climb, train and progress! Whether you’ve got a specific route or boulder you want to climb, or you want to improve your technique, mental game or climbing fitness, join our adult team and we’ll help you achieve your goals—all ability levels welcome. Your Peak Performance Team dues include a full individual membership. Team members are encouraged to come in and climb/train at least one additional time each week, either on your own or with some of your fellow teammates to keep the stoke and progression going!

    Price: $190-$205

  • Learn to Lead with a GRIGRI

    Over the course of two classes, learn the essential techniques necessary to lead climb and belay in the gym using the popular assisted braking device, the GRIGRI. Participants will be given the opportunity to practice taking and catching falls. This course is also a great first step for those with aspirations to lead outdoors.

    Price: $180 | Member Price: $150

  • Learn to Lead LAB

    In this class, you’ll get the opportunity to hone your lead climbing and belaying skills outside of the mock scenario. Expect to come out of this class with a more nuanced understanding of lead climbing best practices. Perfect for those who are working to pass the Lead Check and those already leading who want to build your confidence in the fundamentals.

    Price: $75 | Member Price: $60

outdoor development 

If the outdoors is calling and you must go, then this series is for you! 

Learn skills that will help support your transition to climbing outside. We can’t teach you everything you need to know to climb outdoors, but can help you get started. As a bonus, some of these skills help with indoor climbing too!  

  • Outdoor Development: Crack Climbing

    A must-have skill for any trad or sport climber heading outdoors. Have fun learning the finer points of crack climbing. Topics covered in the two hours include understanding constrictions and body mechanics for hand and foot jams, foot placements, and heel/toe camming techniques.

    Price: $85 | Member Price: $70

  • Outdoor Development: Thin and Wide Cracks

    Do you understand the basics of crack climbing and are looking to progress to harder cracks? Then come check out this Wide and Thin Crack climbing class. Topics covered in the two hours include finger locks, ring locks, finger stacks, stacked fist jams, chicken wings, smearing for thin cracks, heel/toe camming techniques, knee bars, and more.

    Price: $85 | Member Price: $70