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routes set for you

Our routes are set for all ability levels, proportions, and style preferences. Whether one is looking to have fun with friends, climbing for exercise, training for outdoor climbing, or preparing for competition—we’ve got routes that are just right for you.

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Meet the crew

Routesetters are a unique mix of an industrial athlete, craftsman, artisan, choreographer, and product designer. They are well-versed in a variety of climbing and movement styles. They constantly evolve the craft as the needs of our community change and welcome your feedback.

Duncan Goff

Head Routesetter

Duncan finds flow in setting routes that are adventurous, thoughtful, and most of all—fun! He enjoys creating situations where people can express themselves through movement. He takes inspiration from outdoor crags, near and far, and does not define himself by discipline. Duncan has been fortunate to work with a variety of experienced routesetters and tends to borrow ideas from indoor climbs that he has enjoyed. Pursuing his passion for climbing was the reason why Duncan moved to Colorado in 2015, and he has been with Movement ever since. When Duncan is resting from climbing, he loves to snowboard, play video games, and spend time with his wife and cats.

Carolina Corredor

Carolina has been a routesetter with Movement since moving out to Colorado back in the Fall of 2018. As a 5′ 0, Hispanic female, she saw a need for diversity in climbing and pursued a career within the field of setting. Her passion for climbing began very quickly after first being introduced to the sport in the mountains of North Carolina. She loves to create routes which introduce climbers to movement, technique, and head to toe tension. When not setting, you can find Carolina somewhere in Colorado’s crags, disc golfing, or creating art.

matthew keys

Since discovering routesetting in early 2020, setting has been one of Matthew’s greatest passions. He enjoys setting provocative and ambiguous routes that challenge both technical and mental skills. He moved to Colorado from North Carolina in late 2021 to pursue routesetting opportunities with Movement. Outside of work, he enjoys gym sessions with friends, playing video games, and spending time with his partner.

michael hafner

Michael aims to set routes that are thought-provoking and creates lots of intentional movement. He wants the climbs he sets to put people in situations where they are forced to learn something about themselves through the unspoken language of movement. He takes inspiration when setting from the subsurface phenomenon climbers feel when they put themselves on a climb. He values aesthetics and tries to create capital “A” architecture with his climbs. He consistently seeks feedback to provide options for climbers of all sizes. Michael finds immense passion in the ability to make climbers feel a certain way and keeps notes on how climbs from others make him feel.  It’s this transfer of emotions that drives Michael to push himself for the betterment of others. He has a bachelor’s degree in aviation logistics and a master’s in organizational leadership. When Michael isn’t setting, he is either climbing or hunting. He loves to be outside, listening to animal as leaders, or playing competitive video games.


  • Who is on my Setting Team?

    Each of our regions has a designated setting team. Above you can see pictures of our setters. If you see any of them around the gyms please say “hi” and introduce yourself.

  • How do I know what is being set next?

    We post our route setting schedule every two weeks. The goal with the setting schedule is to communicate where our team will be setting so you know which zones will be closed and where to look for your new climbs.

  • What days can I expect the setting team to be working?

    Typically, our team sets weekdays between 8am-4:30pm.

  • How long does it take to set a climb?

    Each setter will build between 3-6 boulders or 1-2 routes in 4 hours then group into smaller forerunning teams for about 2-3 hours and calibrate the climbs to ensure all challenges are grade-appropriate and adjust for quality & accessibility for a spectrum of climber types.


  • How does the setting team grade climbs?

    The day will begin with our Head Setter mapping out the intended grades for each of the climbs for the day. Once the first draft is complete which we call a ‘Skeleton’ we will have the primary setter forerun the climb and adjust any movements and swap out holds to get us closer to the intended grade. Our primary goal is to ensure the climbing movement meets our quality criteria then ensure we are hitting our mark with the grade. We will have at least one other setter forerun and make adjustments to the climb. The setting team will have a conversation about the grade and place our consensus in KAYA.

  • Why does this set of new climbs feel easier/harder compared to the last set?

    It could feel easier because the holds are clean with fresh texture. It could feel harder because you have not gained the muscle memory just yet. Each climb is unique and could be presenting a unique challenge that might fit your skillset or be out of your routine climbing movement. Either way, we appreciate your input and hope that you share on KAYA so our setting team can better understand what you desire so we can make every climb a uniquely positive experience.

  • Where do I report a spinning hold?

    If you find a hold that moves or seems loose, let the front desk know and they will get the info to the setting team to fix it.

  • How do I get into routesetting?

    We have a company opportunity page where we post all new employment opportunities. As a department we are looking for passionate climbers who are curious about exploring movement and designing appropriate challenges for our gym users. Keep an eye out for a community event called ‘Setting with the Setters’ where our setting team provides a guided experience of what our team does to create new climbs.

  • What is the minimum climbing ability for a routesetter?

    We have found that climbing at least V4 or 5.11+ is essential to meet the demands of forerunning each work day and basic understanding of movement. If you are not there yet and have interest please share your interest to your local head setter. They might be able to guide you to become a contender for our apprenticeship program.

  • Does our gym have an apprenticeship program?

    We have training for newly hired seasoned setters but our apprentice program is designed to take a new setter who has limited or no experience and mentor them through a 6 month program. We encourage motivated individuals to apply because we have a system to train you to become a great setter.