We take the “+ fitness” part of our name seriously. That’s why we provide members with fun and challenging classes, programming, and personal training designed to improve their fitness both on and off the climbing wall. Our expert, personable instructors will motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Classes are offered to all levels of students on a drop-in basis.


A total body workout! Blast Circuit is a 30-minute high-intensity circuit style class that combines calisthenics and strength training in one session. Can be taken individually or back-to-back with another Blast-style class.


Core redefined. This innovative 30-minute class progresses through various functional core strengthening exercises. Can be taken individually, or back-to-back with another Blast-style class.


High intensity and results-driven! Blast Cardio is a 30-minute cardio class interspersed with kickboxing combinations, a variety of calisthenics, and muscle-toning bodyweight exercises. Can be taken individually or back-to-back with another Blast-style class.


Get ready to shred pow! Ski Fit is a 45-minute interval training class that focuses on endurance, improving balance, core strength and lower body power so that you can effectively and efficiently tackle the slopes.


The great outdoors await! Trail Fit is a 45-minute interval training class that focuses on endurance, improving balance, core strength and lower body power so that you can effectively and efficiently trail run or hike any mountain.


Shake up your routine! Alternate between high-intensity and low-intensity exercises. This dynamic approach burns more calories in a shorter amount of time. Participants will develop resilience, agility, strength, core stability, and increase their anaerobic capacity.


Many members come to Movement just for our outstanding yoga! We offer tried-and-true disciplines of yoga to serve the varied needs of our community. Our teachers love what they teach and it shows. They are authentic, personable instructors with expert-level teaching skills who are committed to providing a positive, purposeful and meaningful yoga experience. Every level of student is welcomed, and helped, without judgment.


Say “hello” to a variety of everyday poses, alignment basics, and key concepts in yoga and meditation. Pose modifications are given for beginners, injured, and tighter students. Expect clear instructions, use of props, postural demonstrations, and lots of support from your teacher.


Form and technique are emphasized. Focused classes will help you discover deeper layers of alignment, anatomy, and awareness. Expect strong work, sophisticated instructions, demonstrations, use of props, and partner work.


Flow with your breath. Vinyasa classes ignite inner fire, improve cardiovascular fitness, make the spine more supple, and develop total-body coordination. A wide variety of poses are typically linked together by sun salutations.


Stretch deeply. Yin postures are held for longer periods of time to stimulate and release connective tissues. Various props, such as myofascial release balls, are often used for greater decompression.


Connect with the community while learning acrobatic skills and cultivating trust. Acro explores partner yoga in a safe and fun environment. Spotting, alignment instructions, tips & tricks, and modifications for newbies are offered as part of this fun yoga practice.


Relieve, recover, and revitalize. Therapeutics is a carefully crafted combination of evidence-based Hatha yoga aimed at prevention and rehabilitation of common physical conditions in climbers, athletes, and anyone who wants to affect their future wellness.


Whether you are training for competition or commuting, our cycling program can help you max your ride time—all year around. Our fun, inspiring, pro-level instructors believe riding indoors doesn’t have to be dull—and they know how to put you on the fast track to fitness. Our cycle classes are high energy and accompanied by energizing music. Bring a towel and a water bottle!


Build strength in your lower body and increase your cardiovascular efficiency. Translatable to a ride you would go on outside, get ready to pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and many other challenging interval drills and exercises.


Move your whole being to the beat! This fun, high-energy cycle class uses colored lights and bumping music to set the atmosphere. Feel motivated and inspired by the collective energy of fellow riders to get out of your head­ and into the zone.


Movement Labs delve deeper into climbing, fitness, yoga, and cycling theories, helping you hone specific skills. Join us for a few hours to learn from instructors with a ton of expertise and enthusiasm.


Our highly-certified personal trainers can help you with setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to your training regimen. Whether you want to hone specific skills or create an ongoing training regimen, our coaches can help you reach your fitness goals.

Private yoga lessons might be right for you if you are healing an injury or condition, seeking one-on-one support, would like to tailor a personal practice, or receive detailed, expert feedback about your poses from one of our highly-certified yoga instructors.

Cost: Varies depending on the personal trainer

To Sign Up: Personal training requires pre-registration. Please find your trainer by filling out this form or inquire at the front desk.